Smart IP PBX

Smart PBX is embedded IP PBX product ( N-Series SIP PBX ) designed to cater cost effective telephony solution for SoHO and SMB business segment . Inbuilt telco interface and unified features such as IVR , Video Call, voicemail , Call recording ….etc offer a complete solution for any business communication requirement. Smart PBX series also offer API to integrate with 3rd party CRM or Application to achieve solutions like click2call . To empower telephony solution Custom MOH, Multi level IVR , Paging and conference are very helpful to deliver a custom solution for client and customers.

Smart PBX inbuilt VPN and Firewall deliver secure network connectivity and better approach for Branch office communication. Dual Ethernet with router features offer flexibility to implement solution in ay network environment . Smart PBX also support Neron’s “ DIALX ” to deliver Contact Center Solution auto dial , call pop-up and click2call features.


Smart IP PBX [ N-Series ]

Neron 20 Smart SIP PBX N-20 belongs to Embedded SIP IP-PBX Family and designed to be ideal solution for SoHO & SMB telephony, Smart homes , TDM -IP Integration and Unified feature requirement with upto 20 users. Teleco Interface 1x GSM and 1x FXO makes N-20 valuable to be best fit for converged and Value added Telecom Solution.

N-20 IP-PBX usefull to fit in telephony solution required in an organisation as well as to manage calls in a managed way. Advanced UC telephony features such as IVR, Voice Mail, Video Call, Call recording in Memory card & FTP server, CDR, Conf.Bridge, API for 3rd Party integration and SMS handling through GSM SIM Card make Neron 20 Valuable and Unique in its product line segment.

Neron 30

Smart IP PBX N-30 is member of Embedded Series IP-PBX Designed to handle users capacity 500-1000. Specialised in Society / Apartment solution and such kind of requirement where users capacity is higher with lowest concurrent calls , N-30 has proven its quality and stability always with best result. Inbuilt Telco interface 4FXO + 4FXS offer TDM/PSTN connectivity and multiple call recording option USB , FTP, API and SD Card makes this product valuable

N 30 IP-PBX Support Websocket API for 3rd prty connectivity and natively supported with " DialX "to offer Contact Center solution with Telephony CRM

Neron 50

Smart IP PBX N-50 A Innovative Product which can be used as a multipurpose device. Inbuilt 8 GSM Channel with 100 SIP Extension, N-50 can be Used as a GSM gateway or GSM IP-PBX or Small Contact center for remote area using DialX. Available with GSM and Volte Option , Call Recording on FTP and SMS option add great value in telephony solution delivery.

DialX Support Natively N-50 Smart Pbx for Small Contact Center Solution and Voice Broadcast. Additionally Dialx Users with N-50 can use SMS interaction with clients and customer.


Part Code Neron-20 Neron-30 N-50 IP PBX
SIP Extension 20 500-1000 100
Concurrent Call 10 30 30
GSM Interface 1x GSM NA 8x GSM / Volte*
FXS/FXO 1 FXS + 1 / 2 FXO* 4 FXS + 4 FXO NA
Recording SD-Card, FTP, APISD-Card, FTP, USB, API FTP , API
API Yes Yes Yes
DialX Support Yes Yes Yes
  Data Sheet Data Sheet Data Sheet
* 8x Volte Available in N-51 Smart IP PBX   |  * 2 x FXO Available in N-21 Smart IP PBX

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Dialx |Add-On Call Center APP

Contact Center Solution Software for Smart IP-PBX

DialX is a Add-On Software application for Smart SIP PBX to avail functionalities of full functional Call Center Dialer Solution. Manage Inbound or Outbound Calls using Dialx for your helpdesk or sales call campaign.

  • Auto / Preview / Click2call Dialer
  • Multiple Campaigning & Reports
  • ACD / Call Queue Live Monitoring
  • Agent Telephony CRM
  • Call Recording
  • Dial List Management
  • Call Popup
  • SMS / Email Integration
  • Call Disposition
  • Voice Broadcast
  • IVRS & MOH
  • Custom Agent CRM
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